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Mix with nature and enjoy the beauty of diving on Guam

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Fun Dive Guam is a scuba divers paradise. Every dive on Guam welcomes you with warm seas, tropical breezes and a stunning variety of sealife make Guam one of life's relaxing getaways. Ok, so we are not the most "In Demand" destination for scuba diving but for the average diver we offer some of the best all around dives in the Pacific. Yes, I've dove in better locations but never had it as easy as Guam offers. The ocean is at everyone's doorstep no matter where your doorstep is on the island. Photography is unlimited with millions of "Nemo" like creatures willing to give you their best pose. No bulky wetsuits needed, this is pure diving "lite". So what are you waiting for? Let's go diving!

Boat or Beach?

Despite the classic impression that boat diving is the ultimate best wherever you dive in the world, Guam's waters offers the ability to dive at the same spot both from the beach or boat. Of course not every site is like this but there are some very good and beautiful locations.

Note: Swimming out to some of the points could be dangerous due to currents and boats zooming by at high speed. Even with a dive float and dive flag above you it is still a risk.

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But wait, does Guam have problems?

Guam's dive facilities: A real embarrassment to all local divers. The dive ignorant government does not have any idea how to create a world class dive location. No money or effort is put forth in helping the dive facilities look their best. Instead we have dirty toilets and marina piers that are falling apart and are unsafe do to rusting World War II metal pier parts waiting to gouge a divers legs. A main road leading to the dive boats in Piti (Cabras Marina) is full of huge pot holes causing customers to be thrown back and forth in their seats and vehicles are covered in mud everytime it rains. The harbor passages are filling in with sand and the heavy dive boats almost ground during low tide. Garbage is everywhere and even underwater. You can see rusting auto parts, tampons, beer cans and other trash just standing on the dock. Much of the trash was there even before the dive shops but the government does nothing to help improve this situation. No government money is spent on helping improve diving tourism. Both GVB (Guam Visitors Bureau) and JTB (Japan Travel Bureau) do very little or nothing to enhance the diver's realm. In the 30 years I've been working in the dive industry on Guam there is nothing to be proud of. Only Real World Diving has spent it's own money on a nice looking concrete docking pier. Otherwise you're looking at stepping in puddles of mud, rotting wood piers, crushed coral and water to get to your boat or walking down a very long and narrow pier with no cover while hauling your heavy gear bag in the rain.

Environment: Guam's diving resembles diving in a war torn zone of underwater destruction. Nothing has ever been done to prevent boats from dropping anchor in the beautiful corals. Even today, large dive vessels in excess of 45 feet continue to drop heavy anchor and chain on the coral beds. This not only destroys the coral but tears up anemones, sponges and kills many small critters. The Government of Guam while professing an interest in tourism and preserving Guam's beauty, actually does nothing to deter, prevent or enforce any actual protection for the reef. The dive shops talk but demonstrate no concern.

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Dive Buddy

Want to make some dives on my boat?: If so, email me at I will provide tanks and weights if you have your own gear so all you'll need is your lunch. If you don't have gear, I do have 1 complete female dive set you can use for free. email me anytime.............

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Fishing has been good the last few weeks: Took my boat out to Galvez Banks about 26 miles South of Guam.


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Went fishing but the whales scared away all the fish: Launched my boat at 0600 and headed out to 11 Mile Reef. Water was nice with only a few bumps. No birds in sight. Gave up and came back near the harbor entrance. I saw some splashing in the far distance so I thought they were fish. When I got to the pod, they surrounded my boat and were everywhere. Maybe 300-400 in 6-8 pods...............


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New Boat

Finally bought what may be my last boat: 4th boat I've had on Guam. But of all of them I still like my 2nd boat which was a 21' Hawaiian Sea Cat. The company I bought the new boat from screwed up my order and put on analog gauge instead of digital. I should have never accepted receipt of the boat. Anyway, finally got everything working and worked around some of the stupid things like no routing in the "T" top for wiring and putting the salt water washdown pump so low in the bilge that it was soaked with water and burned out in only 3 months. Also don't like the low gunwales. I guess it's best to buy a pre build boat and do a good inspection before purchase. Maybe there'll be a next time in the near future. Let's hope the stock market gives me a nice gift.....


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New House

Finally found a new home: I've been living on Guam steadily since 1976 and owned one home which I purchased in 1994. Since then things have changed and my older home became quite small and crowded with all the stuff I've collected over the last 30 years. So, I found a new home in Yigo, just outside Anderson Air Force Base. It's so close to the base that the jets coming in for a landing zoom right over my roof. Great for photography of aircraft on their landing runs. But I used to live on Naval Air Station right next (100 yards) to the runway, so the sound doesn't bother me as I'm deaf (get used to it after a while) to the sound anyway. The house is not perfect but it was available right away and I needed it since I gave my old house to my youngest daughter. The house is 1850 sq ft. (170 sq mtr) and the lot is 1750 sq mtr (about half acre). Now I have to do something with the lot of weeds.
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Chainlink fence project I did. Was slow at first but finished in a week all around the front and side of the house.

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Just painted my house after almost 8 years. Took me about 2 months by myself due to rain. Looks brand new except for I have to clean the concrete pad.

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I was skinny at one time

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Vietnam: During the Vietnam war I was a gunner on a small river patrol boat. We patroled the Long Tau River from Saigon to Vung Tau. Our home base was at Nah Be. I spent almost a year there. We lived in tents and went on dangerous patrols both night and day. Patrolling the Long Tau River from Nha Be to the South China Sea. We would pull heavy chains next to the shore in hope of snagging an underwater mine. Getting shot at was a normal day. Finally one day my boat was blown up by a mine planted on the bottom of the river. I was knocked nearly unconscious by the blast and had to crawl to my .30 cal machinegun (M60) while bullets wizzed above my head coming from shore. When it was over my gun's barrel was sagging from the heat of all the bullets fired. A week later while our alternate crew was on the boat all members were killed in another attack.

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996 dives! I think that's a lot of diving for 2 years

My Scubapro dive computer : I've got 996 dives logged in the last 2 years. I think I will retire my computer before it goes over 999 because it will revert to 000 after that. The Scubapro Extender has been a great and safe computer with most of my dives very deep (35 meters plus). Also many of my dives have been over 1 hour with no problems. With 823 hours underwater do you think I'll grow gills?

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Rescue a long time ago of Navy Hospital staff!

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More than 20 years ago: In 1986 I along with my friend risked my life to save 4 U.S. Naval Hospital Guam staff (2 physicians and 2 nurses) from dying inside a shipwreck 80 feet below the surface. Besides the hazzards of diving shipwrecks, the group had no lights or safety lines or experience.
We found the 4 military members in a dark compartment 2 decks below the main deck on the West facing bulkhead, all were out of air and breathing the 10 inches of stale air at the very top of the compartment. One nurse was unconscious and the other was crying while the 2 men were in a panic mode. My teammate in the rescue ran out of air and dropped the unconscious nurse (last to be rescued) in the dark room prior to handing her to me, not knowing where he dropped her I took off my gear, gave it to him taking my last breath of air and made a free accent from 2 decks below (80 ft.) to the surface. Just finishing a dive with tourists, we did not have time to look for fresh full tanks and relied on our knowledge of the wreck and a rough estimate on how long our air supply would last. Luckily all survived with only one having to be flown to Hawaii for treatment.

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Big Blue Marlin Catch (CLICK on a Photo!)

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Fishing for Blue Marlin: This is a 110 kilogram (220 pound) Blue Marlin that I caught by myself. It took me 2 long hours of fighting. There were many times when I thought I lost it. I was a long way out, about 16 miles at Galvaz Banks which is South of Guam. After fishing for an hour or so I was going to give up and go home. I already had 2 Mahi Mahi, 1 Yellowfin Tuna and a few Katsuo in my fish hold. Also it was getting late in the afternoon and I really wanted to go home. That's when it hit. It took out about 500 meters of line, about half a spool. At first there was nothing I could do except watch the line run out and hope it would stop. After it died I rushed to get it in the boat so it did not sink. A dead fish this size will sink and without a flying gaff I would have lost it.
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So I tied a line to my small gaff and pulled the fish around to my dive ladder. It was so heavy and I was so tired. I pulled a little bit at a time and finally got it in my fish box. Next was the big problem of how in the hell will I get it out. Being even later in the day and no one at the marina, I put my boat on it's trailer and drove from the Naval Station to the fish market where the employees helped me with a small winch. I sold it and the other fish for a few hundred dollars. But now, I'm thinking of buying a smaller boat. This will be an even bigger problem with a big fish. Perhaps I'll have to give up fishing for big ones or I'll have to tie the fish along side my smaller boat. But then the problem of sharks appears. Some people think there are no big sharks on Guam. HA!!! I've seen some big ones more than 15 feet (5meters) long attacking the remains of a dead pilot whale. No thanks, I don't want to play "Old Man of the Sea" even though I may look the part!

Entry photo exampleBut I did keep a little for some sashimi...........

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Queen of the Night!

Entry photo exampleEpiphyllum Oxypetalum : The other night in my garden, one of the plant's flowers started to open. It's nickname is "Queen of the Night". Wow what a beautiful flower. But it's sad in a way. It only opens one night and then dies. The flower is so beautiful when it opens. Basically 3 colors. Outside a kind of purple, the flower's pedals are white and inside the "anther" are yellow. If you click on the picture to the left you can see on the left side of the plant, one flower has already opened and died the previous night. It's a member of the cactus family.

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I'm not a flower genius or a garden expert and never realized it was actually a cactus and needs very little water. I try to keep it out of the open area due to the heavy rain we have had for the last month. It's typhoon season and soon the big ones will be approaching Guam so I'll have to find a safe place to keep the plants. Most likely I'll bring them inside my house if they don't get too big.

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This cactus grows so easily. Just cut off any part of the plant and it starts growing. I've got 2 plants just now and this is the second bloom this year. The last bloom was about 2 months ago. It is really exciting to grab a beer and sit outside watching the flowers opening. The scent is so strong. You can smell this flower from 20 feet away. It's like a woman that wears too much perfume. If you want more information on this plant, there is lots of info on the internet. Just do a search on "Epiphyllum Oxypetalum". I've got other cactus but this is my favorite.

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Monkey bananas : My monkey bananas are growing like crazy. In the back of my house I have about 20 or 30 banana plants. Some of them are more than 4 meters high. Here on Guam there is plenty of sun and rain so the plants grow up fast. Only sometimes I feed them with chicken manure or 16-16-16 fertalizer.

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Lately I've begun to thin out the smaller plants. I've found if you let too many banana plants grow too close to each other the bananas will be small. Also I pull out the plants that do not grow straight. To keep the ones that are not straight I use belts and ropes to hold them up. Although the plants grow tall real fast, the bananas take a long time to mature. When the top bananas start to turn yellow I cut the whole bunch and let them ripen in a box. After that it's eating time or peel them and freeze them for later use in making banana bread

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Back of my house, flowers and more flowers!

Entry photo exampleThe North side: This is the North side of my house. On the South side I have the bananas and lime trees with a few calamansi trees. But the North side gets more sun and is good for flowers and a garden. I try to put most of the fragile plants in pots. That way I can move them inside or in the garage in the event of a typhoon. Wow, It's already almost December and no typhoons yet. Well, I'm sure there will be a big one before Christmas. They always come when we are not expecting the storms. I got some new orchids at the flea market yesterday. Orchids are nice because you don't have to worry about watering them. But they are a little fragile and I put them in a protected area. Don't ask me the names of the orchids. I don't have any idea. I just like looking at them and taking photos. It's hard not to pick up a few where there are so many different varieties and colors. I planted some Korean hot peppers last week and they just started coming up. Maybe I can make some kimchee before the new year.

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Next Diving Schedule ?

Rain, Rain, Rain: So much rain, lightning and thunder this last month. Painted my house so didn't get much diving or fishing done. Atulai (Japanese Aji) are supposed to be here now but they're late. Last year was bad and I've got a feeling that this year will go by without me going out night fishing. Diving is good and the sea is clear. Many small whales along the coastline today.

Check out my boat's new lighting system for launching at night. Also my underwater light for night diving and also to catch fish and squid.

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Nice lipstick on this fish...................

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